Crowdfunding campagne 2016


As of this week we started a new adventure. An adventure in crowdfunding via Voordekunst. Yes, you heard it right: we are gonna need your help to make this thing a reality! We already recorded our album in the studio with Henk Koorn ( producer ) and Niek Driesschen ( Duct Tape Studio ) this summer. The exact release date is not set yet but it’s gonna be scheduled at the end of Februari or the beginning of March 2017.

But we’re gonna need all the help we can get! So if you really dig our music please support us by checking our project page on Voordekunst!

Follow the link below and dare to go on an adventure. So, are you in?


Final tracks released

Today we are releasing the two final songs from our online demo. Neon Mansions and Nazca are the final two. You can download all the songs via Bandcamp and Soundcloud. Your summer is starting now. Enjoy!


Eendracht Festival gig

Yes! The guys are playing on the Eendracht Festival in Rotterdam in Bar3 in the ever so busy Nieuwe Binnenweg! On thursday the 23d of July they’re gonna rock your socks off . So don’t miss it!


Demo songs released soon

Exciting times are coming! Though summer is coming and everybody is going outside to catch that sun, the Mutations are releasing 4 tracks this month. The songs underwent a long and exhausting but rewarding proces and now we’re almost there.

Next week we’ll be releasing 2 songs and are downloadable via Bandcamp and Soundcloud. The week after that will be followed by two other songs. Be prepared: the soundtrack of your summer is about to begin


A new path

As you may have noticed it’s been a while. Now the flow is taking a firmer grip and it caught on with us. Gigs are pouring in gradually but steady. And that’s a good thing. Digging yourself a hole to contemplate and change takes time.

But here we are. Back in full effect. The coming months we’ll hit the stage again, come out with video’s, new artwork, but most of all new music. So don’t go away yet. We keep ya posted.