Confirmed gig Totaal Festival Bladel (NB)

Another festival gig can be added for the gents: on the 25th of July they will play prime time, 20:00  Saturday night on the Totaal Festival in Bladel (near Tilburg). A night well spent I should say


Gigs in Bar3 Rotterdam and Burning Del Festival Belgium

As you may have noticed 2 gigs will be done in the month of June. At first the boys will do a show in downtown Rotterdam on the 12th in Bar3. Then on the 20th they will head toward Belgium to headline the Burning Del Festival in Arendonk near Antwerp. 19:00 sharp.

Would be nice if you could attend the show!


Post – production demo

We finally hit the mixing phase of the demo. In the coming weeks we’ll be fine tuning the sounds and getting the mix done. Hopefully by the end of the month we’ll be able to tell you when the demo is due. Keep ya posted.


Lokaal Vredebreuk confirmed

Two Rotterdam bands are gonna rock the shit out of Den Haag on the 14th of June as The Mutations and Anti Force gonna play in Lokaal Vredebreuk.Write it down and memorise it, caus you’re gonna be there!


Dag van de Muziek Den Helder and Talent 010 Capelle

This Saturday the Mutations do Den Helder! Though it’s gonna be a sunny day playing in the navy city it’s gonna be a rush as well as they hit the road back to Capelle to do the Talent 010 show with Plaats Delict and Geert & the Chiefs. Where are you gonna be?