Gig café Jinx Zaandam

It has been confirmed! It took a while to find the perfect day but here we are. The initial date for this gig has been rescheduled for the 14th of March. Put it in your agenda’s, don’t miss out.


New demo out soon

The Mutations are heading toward the studio to record a new demo. Demo is to be released this spring. We keep ya posted, so stay tuned.


Café Cox Amsterdam

2014 is gonna start with a blast as the Mutations will play in café Cox in the heart of Amsterdam on the 23d of Januari. Doors open at 21:00 en it’s free!! Remember that there is once again a price to be won for those who attend the show! So don’t miss out!


Nazca Today

As of today you can listen to the song Nazca via Bandcamp and Soundcloud, which is also embedded on our site and is free downloadable for your listening pleasure.


New demo recordings

Yes, the Mutations are preparing themselves for another ride in a studio for their new up coming  demo recording. Most of the recording in the Zinnebeeld session were good, but a decision has been made to record a new demo. The date of recording has not yet been confirmed but plans are to start recording in November this year. Keep ya posted.