Nazca online

The Mutations will release “Nazca” via Bandcamp and Soundcloud pretty soon. This can be seen as a prelude of what they have been doing the past year twisting and turning to get closer to their sound. Consider it as a teaser of what will come. Release date will be announced soon.


Cafe Jinx gig rescheduled

Due to circumstances the gig in Cafe Jinx on the 29th of November is postponed and will be rescheduled to another date later this year or in the first quarter of 2014. Stay tuned


Cafe Cox Amsterdam confirmed & Miles Gig getting closer

You may have already noticed, but the gigs keep pouring in slowly but gradually. Today it has been confirmed that the Mutations wil play on the 23d of Januari in the ever so busy Leidsche plein in the hart of Amsterdam! Cafe Cox is the place to be.

In hometown Rotterdam proeflokaal de Ridder on the Mauritsweg is the place to be on the 16th of November. Kick off at 21:00

The Mutations are preparing the gig for the 3d of oct in cafe Miles in Amersfoort. Its free entrance so don’t miss it! Starts at 21:00. See ya there?


Site revision

It’s been kinda hectic lately but it’s going well. Soon new images will replace the old one’s on the site and also available: the Don’t Look Down Now video on our Youtube channel. Which means you can check it on our site as well. Stay tuned.



Check out the site on Monday. 3voor12 Zuid-Holland will reveal something the Mutations worked hard for the past couple of months. If you been tuning in on the whereabouts of the Mutations for the past month, you might have an idea. So stay tuned!