Hanneke’s Boom on the 6th confirmed

As you may have already noticed, the Mutations are busy organizing gigs. On the 25th of oktober they will be playing in Club Vibes in Rotterdam and today it is conformed that on the 6th of november they will do Amsterdam in Hanneke’s boom


The Mutations

Though a lot of the media stuff needs to be altered and changed, it is official: as of today JR & the Mutations is no more. Long live the Mutations. From now on this will be the name that will stick on everybodies lips


Mutated future

As of September 2013 JR & the Mutations will go through a change. It’s not that it hasn’t been the same from the start. But from September a significant change will occur and will be on everybodies lips. What it is will be announced and visible soon.


BAR Rotterdam 22nd of August

It has been confirmed that JR and his men will do BAR in Rotterdam on the 22nd of August. Short notice but worth while checking! Starts at 22:00. Entrance TBA.See ya there?


3voor12 video release

Yep, there’s a reason why 3voor12 was there with us. New moving images was needed to promote the improved Mutations. While planning a weekend to recordĀ  a new demo, the idea to record it on film was worth thinkin about and so it happened. Though it’s in post-production now, a release date will soon follow.